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About Us At Find My Locals

We started findmylocals.com in 2018. We knew what we wanted to achieve right from the start.

The owners of findmylocals had businesses of their own in their respected construction trades and after hanging up their tools, came together and set up findmylocals.com

Not just open to the construction industry, but to every business type out there.

We wanted to change the attitude of the industry.

Online business advertising should not have to be expensive. Customer care, communication and ROI should be a priority.

Why should businesses be tied into a long-term contract?

What's the point in free listings when your advert doesn't stand out or gets lost amongst 100s of your competitors.?

Too many businesses have had the experience of dealing with high advertising costs, yet they didn't feel looked after. Businesses are getting fed up with high advertising costs and the take, take, take from advertising companies.

findmylocals.com is designed to be different from that.

So every one of our customers are not just customers, they are our partners.

We don't believe in tying you in to long term contracts. We work on a monthly rolling basis. This means we must work hard for you every month to keep you as a partner and customer.

It's all about ROI (Return Of Investment) If you are making a profit from advertising with us then you will stay. If not, then you are free to stop anytime without any hidden charges or penalties.

Retention, Retention, Retention. We believe this is the fairer way to work with you and all business owners.

Only allow 6 advert spaces in each town for each business type. So, your advert is seen in your chosen town or towns and not get lost amongst 100s of your competitors. It's neat and tidy.

findmylocals.com is designed to be so user friendly. Because our listings platform is a self-service set up. You simply add your business details as you go through our easy-to-use guide and our platform automatically builds your advert for you and is live within minutes.

We also want to give your business the chance to really go for it and advertise in as many towns as they like, to get you more and more exposure. To do this we had to make sure the price is affordable for businesses.

So, we designed the bundle packages

Buy just one town = £7.50+ vat

Buy 2 Towns = 10% Discount

Buy 3 Towns = 15% Discount

Buy 4 Towns = 20% Discount

Buy 5+ Towns = 25% Discount

The more advert spaces in towns you buy the more discount you get.

Each town is only £7.50+vat per month.

So, have a mess about with maths and choose how many towns you can afford to advertise in.

Now doesn't that sound a better way to advertise.

We are transparent, honest, and trustworthy. We are straight talking people. Again. we believe this is the best way to talk to our partners. We can't be bothered with sales pitches and sales talk. Ask us a question. We'll answer it honestly and truthfully.

Always here to help you as a business owner to advertise your business in an affordable, Flexible, Cost-effective way.

The choice is yours if you want to be a partner of findmyloclas.com We hope you do.

Let’s grow together.

Stay safe.


Why is findmylocals different from the rest?

We believe online advertising should not be expensive. If you have a website or not.

Use our unique exclusive listings platform to get your business name out there to your potential new customers,

Our Incredible low-cost business Listing starts from £5.00+vat per month on our Bronze page, £6.25+vat per month on our Silver page and £7.50+vat per month per town space on our top landing Gold page.

Flexibility- You can choose how many towns you want in any area of your choice.

If you only want to advertise in just 1 town that’s fine.

We designed findmylocals to really get your business name out there and to advertise in the towns you want to.

So you can advertise in as many towns or areas as you see fit at a low cost-effective rate.

Our advertising packages will help you if you sell Online or Nationwide,

We encourage you to advertise in as many towns as you see fit with our bundle discount package and you can get up to 25% discount.

You can advertise in many towns in many parts of the country or nationally advertise your business, then our monthly package is for you.

Why is our cost so low?

Simply put, we have the volume of towns and spaces.

We advertise findmylocals nationally. So, customers who want your services will see your advert and contact you directly.

Free directories don't do this, and they certainly don't have the uniqueness of only 6 ad spaces per business type per town.

So don't get lost amongst 100s of your competitors. Remember you only have 5 competitors.

We have so many other great packages to support your advert when and if you need it.

It makes sense to advertise your business to find out and try out the power of what findmylocals.com advertising can do.

So don't wait, we're here for you. Without costing you a fortune and not losing out financially.

We invest in our products and website.

Come to findmylocals - Proud to help business Owners – protecting your ROI.



Our aim is to build long standing relationships with our clients based on honesty, integrity and providing competitive pricing.

We highly value our fully independent status with trust and professionalism being at the very heart of our ethics and everything we do.

At findmylocals.com we have the expertise to help you with your unique needs, utilising an extensive range of products to pinpoint exactly what is right for you.

Let us do the hard work for you and help you with our many services and products we offer.

About Find My Locals

Are you having trouble advertising your business online?
Is your business not achieving a tangible Return on Investment (ROI) with your business directory listings?
Struggling to generate leads and sales through your advertising?
Do you feel the costs are burning holes in your pockets?

If the answer to any of these questions is “yes”, then why not take advantage of a cost-effective, user-friendly and flexible advertising solution?

Find My Locals are your one-stop shop for building your brand, establishing credibility and achieving a higher ROI with business advertising.

What is Find My Locals?

Our goal is to give you a platform for achieving the most exposure for your business at a sensible, effective rate.

We provide businesses the opportunity to advertise easily, maximising exposure to potential customers, who could be actively looking for their services.

Find My Locals is a premium paid listings platform, that is open to all types of businesses in almost any sector you can think of. 

How Does It Work?

Our platform allows 6 advertising spaces in any one area, for a particular type of business. We provide opportunities for a specific business and location (for example, an electrician based in Wolverhampton) to list in Bronze, Silver and Gold spaces.

Put simply, there are 6 SPACES per AREA and per INDUSTRY.

Find My Locals is open to all business types, and we currently have over 200 service categories to choose from. We want to list more. So, if your industry is not on our service category list. Please email us at [email protected] and we will add it on our site.

You can purchase as many advertising spaces as you see fit, which is ideal for businesses who operate in multiple locations across the country. We offer bundle discounts for companies that need this, which you can read more about on our help page.

Claiming an advertising space is straightforward, and you can read more about our process here. But we recommend registering your business early, as all advertising spaces are allocated on a first come-first serve basis.

Why We’re Different

The Find My Locals website is designed to make advertising simple and stress-free for users. Whether you are a business looking to create an advertisement, or you are browsing our site for local business listings, you won’t find a listings site any easier to use than Find My Locals.

One thing which makes us unique is our flexibility. Our automated, easy-to-use platform makes it easy for adverts to be amended at any time, and for customers to browse across our huge range of service categories.

Our Pricing

Our prices are also incredibly flexible for business owners. We offer flexible monthly payment plans.

All of our affordable membership packages are competitively-priced, and designed to give your business that marketing boost.

We can help with your social media campaigns to increase brand awareness, generate sales and stay a step ahead of your competitors.

Accommodating whatever subscription is most convenient for you.

There are no cancellation fees, if you need to cease monthly payments. You can cancel anytime.

Extra Advertising

We also offer businesses that list with us. Social media advertising alongside our laser-targeted directory listings.

Why not take advantage of our Social media campaigns, which will be carefully targeted towards your ideal audience, in your desired local area.

You're in complete control of your advertising budget and payments, and our dedicated team will ensure your Social media ads are delivered promptly and efficiently.

25% Bundle Discount

You will automatically receive further discounts with our bundle packages. For 2 Towns you will receive 10% discount, for 3 Towns 15%, for 4 Towns 20% and 5 Towns or more you will receive 25% Bundle Discount

All information can be found on our help page.

Our Core Values

  • Trustworthiness
  • Adaptability
  • Focus
  • Experience
  • Proactiveness
  • Service
  • Reliability
  • Honesty
  • Approachability 
  • Flexibility
  • Versatility