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Whatever type of business you run, get yours on Find My Locals.com

We designed Findmylocals.com for businesses like yours. To help you to attract more business, with a higher Return Of Investment. Advertising can be expensive and you can lose money over it, this is why we wanted to set up a user friendly website and offer a low investment cost. We can now do this
We are offering you a low cost investment for your advertising campaign to get your business out there and help you to achieve more business and profitability through customers finding your business details from our website. If you are constantly busy then great, but again it is a low cost way of keeping your brand name visible.
We are here to stay and be transparent, we don’t have to sell anything instead just advise. as our website and the benefits you’ll get sells itself.
Be the one of six to guarantee your space and that is where you’ll stay. You won’t be pushed down or become none visible
This is how transparent we are. If you don’t get, or don’t believe in all we have to offer then please don’t be a member of Find my locals. We only want to build a lasting relationship with businesses that understand our ethics or philosophy.
We have been busy branding our name and through analytics we are seeing people looking for businesses like yours. We are now focusing on populating our website so businesses like yours can start taking full advantage of being seen and contacted by local people from your area. Go to findmylocals.com to add your business and choose which package you want before your competitors do.


All businesses, Any time! From Accountants to Yoga instructors, we have over 200 different types of business categories for you to advertise in.

Being a member of Find My Locals allows you to advertise in up to 5 towns in your county, where a maximum of just 6 of the same business type can advertise at any one time per town on our Gold, Silver and Bronze membership pages.

Find my locals have a range of membership packages, Gold, Silver and Bronze. With your business ready to be found, Customers can search easily for their desired business in their desired area. Keep your brand going, become a member of findmylocals.com


  • Upload your logo & photographs
  • Add specific information you feel clients will like to see
  • Add promotions
  • Link your advertising page through to your social media platforms
  • Display customer reviews
  • Our directory allows you to be in control of your advert
  • Our directory is properly organised through locations
  • Direct customer to business contact
  • No bidding or commission fees payable
  • Target customers through Towns you want to advertise in
  • Multiple memberships allowed
  • Sensible and affordable annual membership fee

We believe we can help your business advertising needs, by giving you a very competitive membership investment price. We will also throughout the year constantly make the public aware of findmylocals.com through social media like Facebook and Google Adwords.

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