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How We Can Help You

Find My Locals is a professional business listings platform, without the premium costs.

We allow businesses all across the country to advertise easily and efficiently, reaching and engaging with their customers with targeted local advertisements.

Here at Find My Locals, we are passionate about providing an easy-to-use advertising platform.

Because we make it easy for businesses to create and manage their adverts, We want them to stay ahead of their competitors, so. they can target specific locations and maximise their exposure.

We help business owners to secure premium advertising spaces and, with flexible payment options and competitive prices, above all, help to generate sales.

Find My Locals puts local businesses at the heart of our user-friendly platform.Because we care.

With so many flexible options at your fingertips, you can enjoy hassle-free advertising at a huge discount.

Bundle Discounts

We are offering discounts on advertising in multiple towns. Our bundle discounts are geared towards helping businesses in multiple locations advertise on our accessible platform. These discounts are also ideal for individuals that own and manage multiple businesses too.

Our concept is simple: if you advertise in two different towns, you will get a further 10% off your first year’s price If you add another location to advertise in, your bundle discount will increase.

The table below should explain:

Locations advertised in Bundle discount
1 0%
2 10%
3 15%
4 20%
5 25%

With the above options, you can take advantage of some immense savings with your advertising with Find My Locals.

Locking out your competition on a premium advertising space, at over half the cost, and reaching swathes of potential customers seems like a no-brainer.

Our Process

Find My Locals allows six advertising spaces for each business type, in a particular location. The six spaces are split into Gold, Silver and Bronze memberships, all of which are secured on a first come-first serve basis. Once you secure your spot, no other business can lock in that particular membership.

Once you build your business profile page, you can begin placing your adverts.

  1. Search for a business type in a specific area (e.g. a builder in Sunderland).
  2. If there are advertising spaces available, click the Bronze, Silver or Gold ad to purchase that particular slot.
  3. Checkout using our secure payment facility Your Bundle discount will be applied at the checkout).
  4. Begin filling in your advert details.

It’s as simple as that to secure that advert space. You can amend your listing details whenever you need to, simply by logging into your account.

Benefits of Registering with Find My Locals

  • Flexible payment options - we offer our customers to pay for  memberships at an extremely low-cost way through a one off annual  fee. We don't believe in holding you in a long term contract . We only work on a rolling monthly on all our other beneficial packages . We believe this is a fairer way. So if you want to stop for any reason, then you can without any financial penalties.
  • Excellent customer service - we are a service-driven company. We want to make Find My Locals an accessible and easy place for businesses to advertise, and we want to facilitate that as much as possible.
  • Locking out your competition - once you secure a Gold, Silver or Bronze space, you now own that space. You can also secure slots in multiple locations and enjoy bundle discounts on top of that, which is handy if your business operates regionally or nationally.
  • Cost-effective - We offer bundle discounts if you have 2 or more ad spaces. This can be a great way to advertise without huge overheads.
  • Incredible exposure - Find My Locals, while providing premium ad space, also offer bespoke Social media ads to go alongside your listings. This can be a great way to reach even more customers.
  • Easy to use - you can browse listings, buy ad slots and customise your listings easily, efficiently and quickly. You can amend your listings simply by logging into your account.
  • Available to all business types - we have over 200 service categories currently on our site, which is constantly growing. We want to list more. So, if your industry is not on our service category list. Please email us at [email protected] and we will add it on to our site.


If you’re interested in growing your business and customer base, while saving a great deal of money, then why not add your business to Find My Locals today?

Visit our contact page if you have any questions. We’re more than happy to help you.

Below is an explanation of how easy it is to place your advert or adverts

Step 1search in a town (e.g. Reading) for a business type. (e.g. Web Design and Development) 

Step 2if there are any adverts available, you can click the ad to buy that slot. If one isn’t available in Gold, try the Silver or Bronze listings. 

Step 3Checkout! It’s easy to pay online using our secure payment facility.  

Step 4Fill in your advert details. 

That’s it, you now own that space, and you can change your listing details online at any time by logging into your account.