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Frequently Asked Questions

 These are the questions we most commonly get asked

Advertising FAQs


Can I advertise in more than one area?

Yes, you can advertise in as many towns as you operate in. And we’ll give you a discount for each additional town, up to a maximum of 5 towns. That’s a saving of up to 25%. See our advertising page for more information on prices.


Can I advertise in more than one category?

Yes, you can, provided your business is relevant to that category. For example, if you’re a decorator and tiler, you can advertise in both the decorating and tiling categories.


How do you promote me?

We actively help your business get noticed more via our website. We advertise Find My Locals across the UK. So, when you advertise with us, we target the towns you advertise in through our Google, Facebook and other social ads.

Our directory website is also optimised for search engines, so your listing on our site will come up in local, relevant searches for your products or services.


How do you get me in front of relevant customers?

People searching directories are looking for something specific. Our site is optimised for search engines, so whether they’re searching our directory or doing a Google search, you will show up if you meet their criteria.


How can you guarantee reach?

We advertise the Find My Locals brand through our social media channels and on Google, both locally and nationally. Anyone looking for your services can easily find you, as our directory is properly categorised.

We also have value-for-money social media packages that can help you promote your business and attract more customers. Contact us for information on these.


Practical FAQs


How many different business categories are there?

We’ve currently got over 300 business categories and this number is growing all the time.


I can’t see my business type in the categories

If your business type is not listed on our categories page, please email us on enquiries@findmylocals.com and we will add it.


Why is it limited to 6 businesses per category?

It’s limited to 6 businesses per category, per area, so that you have some exclusivity and more opportunity to get found by potential clients.


How do I sign up?

It’s easy! Simply follow our 4-step process:

  • Step 1 – Start by searching for your town and business category
  • Step 2 – If there are advertising slots available, click to buy that slot.
  • Step 3 – Go to the checkout. It's easy to pay online using our secure payment facility.
  • Step 4 – Fill in your business details to create your ad. It's simple with our step-by-step guide. Include your details, your products/services, logo, photos, social media, add some reviews and any offers or promotions you have.


Start your search here:


What should I include in my business listing?

The key things to include are your business details, your products or services, your logo, your social media links, some photos and some reviews. You can also add any offers you have on. Full guidance is available in our step-by-step guide when you sign up.


I’m having trouble logging in to my account

If you’ve lost or forgotten your password, click the Lost password link under the login page to reset it. If you’re having any other difficulties with your account, please email us on enquiries@findmylocals.com.


Pricing FAQs


How much does it cost?

That depends on where you are based and how many towns you advertise in. See our advertising page for more information or contact us.


Can I join you for free?

You can search our directory for free to find local businesses. But if you want to advertise with us there is a small cost, which is excellent value for money.

Our package starts from £15 a month and our currently introductory offer gives you 12 months for the price of 3.


How come it’s so cheap?

We want to provide professional business listings at affordable prices, which is why we keep the cost down. We have a vast category list (over 300 and growing) and lots of spaces across the UK.

We want to ensure that advertising with us is worth your while and that you get a good return on investment.


Can I pay by credit card?

Yes, we have a secure online payment facility, so you can pay by credit card or debit card when you sign up.


Can I pay by bank transfer?

No, our secure Stripe payment facility for card payments is there to protect you, so we only accept card payments.


Can I pay by cheque?

No, our secure Stripe payment facility for card payments is there to protect you, so we only accept card payments.


What discounts are available?

You can save up to 25% if you advertise in more than one town with us. You can currently also save on advertising rates if you pay for 12 months – our introductory offer gives you 9 months free!

See our advertising page for more information.


Fill in and search now, to check your town availability to advertise your business.