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What makes findmylocals.com business advertising directory different from the others?

There are loads of online business directories to choose from.

So why should you choose us?

That’s the question we had to answer as well. We had to come up with something different.

Something you would benefit from as an advertising business owner.

We believe we have done it.

Firstly, the business directory had to be affordable to all types of businesses.

Secondly, we had to make the directory flexible.

Thirdly, we had to find a way for you to advertise in many areas at a low-cost effective rate .

To help your business listings achieve more exposure and to get in front of more potential customers.

Fourthly, we had to make findmylocals.com business directory so user friendly for you to easily place your business details on.

And lastly, we had to make our small business directory so easy for your customers to use.

Easily to find what they are looking for on our business directory search within 2 clicks.

Fill in and search, to check your town availability to advertise your business.


These are the reasons why we set up findmylocals business directory and why findmylocals.com is designed to be different.

So, every one of our customers are not just customers, they are also our partners.

Firstly, we want to be the go to business advertising directory that businesses choose to advertise with. For the following main 8 reasons: -

With Only 6 Spaces Our Unique Website Gets Your Advert Seen

With Only 6 Spaces Our Unique Website Gets Your Advert Seen

We built our business listings directory for businesses to achieve more exposure in the areas you want to advertise in at an affordable cost.

Why can we do it so low?

Because we have the volume of advert spaces nationally. Not only that we have over 1.8 million ad slots

Secondly. It is a self-service platform that puts you in control of everything.

Finally, we are not greedy, so we refuse to charge you high advertising costs.

You have the choice of which towns and areas you want to advertise in and in how many towns. Furthermore you can change your advert anytime. Update your photos, update your details and also put reviews on and more.

We do not hold you in 3 month or 6-month contracts. Our monthly packages are exactly that. We work on a monthly rolling basis. Therefore we must work hard for you every month to keep you as a partner and customer. Otherwise we'll lose you.

More Options

We have given you the options of either our monthly package or secondly, our annual package

Our monthly package is a rolling package where you can stop anytime you like for any reason and not get penalised for it. No hidden charges or fees.

Business Advertising On Our Incredible Annual Packages

Our annual package is another great option. It allows your advert to be live for 12 months. Furthermore because you are committing to us for 1 year’s advertising, we have made it cheaper than 12 months monthly instalments to say thank you and to save you money of course. To be totally transparent. The annual package is for 12 months and there is no refund on this.

Fill in the search box below to check availability in your town.


  • Bundle discounts

We thought of a way to help you get more exposure at a cheaper rate. So, we designed our bundle package. For example, the more towns you buy the more discount you get. subsequently, Up to 25% off your total at the checkout if you buy 5 towns or more.

Business advertising on our gold page.
Here’s an example of our gold page prices. Our Gold page is the 1st page your customers will see.

Buy just one town = £15.00+ vat

Purchase 2 Towns = 10% Discount off both towns

Add 3 Towns = 15% Discount off 3 towns

Advertise in 4 Towns = 20% Discount off 4 towns

Buy 5+ Towns = 25% Discount off all towns

It’s a better option to target the towns you want to advertise in to get more customers from. Besides, why pay for an area that you don’t want work from?

Now, does that sound a better way to advertise?

More Towns You Buy The More Discount You Get

Cost-effective - We will automatically give you discounts from 10% off for buying 2 towns, up to 25% off when you buy 5+ towns. This is a great way to advertise without huge overheads.

  • Customer care

How many times have you been let down by bad customer care? I think we’ve all been there. A lot of companies obviously have a lot to learn about there own customer care package. With us you’ve got it right from the start. To be fair the only way you will find that out is if you become a customer/partner of ours. That’s the only way wee can prove it to you.

  • Communication

This comes in addition and hand in hand with customer care. Communication is a must for us. We live in a technology age where there is absolutely no excuse for non-communication. We have email, phone call, messaging etc. no excuse not to use them. To sum up. Communication should be dealt with by us within hours to 24 hours after the first initial comms from yourselves.

  • More Business Advertising Exposure

We touched on it on our bundle package above. findmylocals.com is designed to be so user friendly. Because our listings platform is a self-service set up. You simply add your business details as you go through our easy-to-use guide and our platform will automatically build your advert for you, therefore is live within minutes.

Our aim is to give your business the chance to really go for it and advertise in as many towns as you like, as a result to get you more and more exposure. To do this we had to make sure the price is affordable for businesses.

To help you out further we only allow 6 advert spaces in each town for each business type. So, your advert is seen in your chosen town or towns and not get lost amongst 100s of your competitors. Furthermore It's neat and tidy.

  • Return of Investment (ROI)

It's all about ROI (Return of Investment) If you are making a profit from advertising with us then you will stay. In the same vein. If not, then you are free to stop anytime without any hidden charges or penalties. We also believe this is the fairer way to work with you and all business owners.

Fill In The Search Bar below to check availability and start advertising on our unique business directory.