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About Our Packages

Hi, Welcome to About Our Packages Page

Please read the below text. It explains what the benefits you will get always at a low-cost sensible rate.

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NEWSFLASH. We have an incredible mega introductory offer for you. 

Business Owners.

Are you tired of paying commission fees, Bidding for work, referral fees?

If the answer to any of these questions is “yes”, then why not take advantage of a cost-effective, user-friendly and flexible advertising solution?

Find My Locals are your one-stop shop for building your brand, establishing credibility and achieving a higher ROI.

With us all your customers come direct to you.

We believe in working in an easier way and certainly no hidden fees. All you invest in is your advertising package.

With so many other great packages to support your advert when and if you need it.

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  • Our Special introductory offer deal for you is an annual price of ONLY £4.99+vat Per Town on our landing Gold page.
  • You can buy as many towns in all areas as you see fit to to get your Business name out there.
  • FLEXIBILITY.. Why pay for advertising in an area you don't work in? With us you can advertise in the towns you want to cover, Saving you money.
  • Bundle Discounts. The more towns you buy the more discount you get. Up to 25% off on 5 or more towns.
  • For Example:- Buy 10 Towns, Minus 25% Discount, is only £37.43 in total for the whole year.
  • Your advert space is secured and guaranteed and will be seen.
  • Only 6 advert boxes available to each business type in each town.
  • We can give you low cost advertising on our site because simply put we have the volume of advertising space.
  • Our listings platform is an online self-service unique website.
  • You will not get lost amongst 100's of your competitor’s adverts.
  • We advertise nationally as a brand,
  • Doing the right thing and pass those savings on to you.
  • Your business will be added to our group findmylocals social media advert, so our advert will be shown in the area you are advertising in, this is another way to get business enquiries.
  • More business exposure.
  • We will add your logo on our social media pages welcoming you to findmylocals if you buy 5+ towns.
  • You will be the first to know about any of our new discounts and deals.
  • Your advert will have a base to drive more  traffic to your website with our social media campaigns if you wish.
  • We have monthly rolling package plans on our other products.
  • You have options to upgrade anytime, to any of our amazing low-cost effective packages.
  • We will send you a welcoming email.
  • Your advert will pick up any findmylocals.com organic traffic, from people looking for your services.
  • You will be a member of findmylocals.com who genuinely care about business owners.
  • You'll have so many flexible options at your disposal to drive your business.
  • We can even place your advert for you if you buy 10 or more towns. Just pay for the adboxes and send us an email authorising us to place your advert for you.
  • You will receive excellent customer care by trusted and friendly people.

Click on this link. https://findmylocals.com/add-my-business-2/ To start advertising on findmylocals.com.

Use our easy step by step guide to enter your business details.

Your advert is automatically built and is live straight away.

All these options and more, give your business a marketing boost. Why wouldn’t you?

Scroll down to find more information regarding our social media campaigns.

Our excellent customer care and services are second to none and to help further we do not charge any cancellation fees.

We are populating our unique exclusive website for people to see your business advert in their local area.

We want you to be part of it, so your customers can contact you directly and use your services.

All this for just £4.99 per year on our default Gold landing page Mega Special Offer. Usually £29.99.

For just £25.99 per year on our Silver page

And £21.99 per year on our Bronze page.


Our social media Packages.                       

All our social media packages consists of F/B, Insta and GMB.

This is a great way of engaging your potential customers to your adverts.

You need to drive traffic to your adverts and website.

Your business needs to be noticed and It helps to be seen by people looking for your services in their area.

So many different flexible options for your social media campaigns at your disposal.

You are spoilt with all the different packages we have to suit all types of your advertising budget.

We will setup, build and publish your social media  campaigns all in the package competitive price. (Advertising Budget not included)

Our Job is to make your adverts look appealing, to help you get results.

If needs be we will monitor and make tweaks to your advert.

We will fully manage your campaign at a low cost. No-one else comes close to what we are offering.

Did you know we can also manage your social media pages.

Like we can regularly post adverts on your social page 3 times a week.

This helps engagement with people who follow you and potential new connections

Don’t rush in to a 3 month, 6 months or yearly contracts. With us, you can stop anytime for any reason without any financial penalties.

We work on a rolling monthly basis from the first month.

Infact all our social media packages work on a rolling monthly basis. We believe this is the fairest way to do business with you.

If you would like to arrange a strategy call to discuss further, to see if we’re a perfect fit, or indeed have any questions,

Email us asking for more information on your chosen package at [email protected]


Other Services We Offer.

Content and Copywriting

Graphic Design

Hosting Your Website

Website Design & Developement

Simply email us with to arrange a time for a call.